Love Your Block

2022 Love Your Block Grant Winners

2022 Love Your Block Grant Award Winners
  • $1,500 – Family Freedom Center – Freedom Farms
    Project: Installation of a mural along 6th Ave E fencing to reduce noise pollution and beautify garden and program site at 500 E 10th Street.
  • $1,500 – Harbor Highlands – DW Jones Management Company
    Project: Improvement of playgrounds, flower planting, and graffiti removal via mural project to improve function and look of shared community spaces at Harbor Highlands.
  • $1,500 -  Central Hillside resident 
    Project: Tree removal and fence repair to improve function and curb appeal of property on a block of W 5th Street.   
  • $1,500 – Duluth Children’s Museum – Duluth Children’s Museum
    Project: Vacant lot activation to turn a paved parking lot into community gathering space that is safe, green, and functional for all ages on Superior Street.
  • $1,500 – Lincoln Park property owner
    Project: Landscaping, yard maintenance, and garbage removal to improve curb appeal and deter dumping of abandoned waste on a block of W 3rd Street.
  • $1,500 – Spirit of God Lutheran Church 
  • Project: Neighborhood clean-up and block party including a meal, sharing of environmental stewardship information, and removal of litter and abandoned waste along W 3rd Street and within Lincoln Park.
  • $1,500 – Duluth Art Institute
  • Project: Invasive species removal and treatment will protect the integrity of the Duluth Art Institute’s Lincoln Park location and limit spread into neighborhood. The removal and disposal of a tree infected with emerald ash borer will accomplish similar goals.
  • $950 – First Ladies of the Hillside
    Project: Original artwork applied via vinyl wrap on needle dropbox in Central Hillside. Outreach materials will also be made to raise awareness of addiction and needle exchange resources available. A neighborhood clean-up will be coordinated to celebrate art installation.
  • $1,500 – Kirsten Aune, Small business owner in Lincoln Park
    Project: Flower planters will add beauty and pollinator habitat to the block of N 21st Ave W.
  • $1,500 - Lincoln Park Resource Center, Charles Obije
    Project: Installation of a mural alongside a food and book little library at community garden site on W 3rd Street.
  • $1,000 – Central Hillside resident, Rachael Kilgour
    Project: Trash and abandoned waste clean-up in neighborhood surrounding Cascade Park followed by picnic and community visioning session.
  • $1,500 – Central Hillside resident, Millie Richards
    Project: Porch and front step repair of W 4th street property along with clean-up and landscaping of community gathering space for people of American Indian and First Nations heritage in recovery.
  • $950 – Storey Taxidermy, James Hagstrom
    Project: Repair and replacement of broken windows and door to improve the look and prevent future damage.