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Twin Ports Virtual Coastal Clean-up

Two Awesome Cities, One Great Lake!  Mayor Larson, Duluth, and Mayor Paine, Superior, invite everyone, as you are safely able to do so, to spend some time on Saturday, September 26 cleaning your neighborhood or favorite waterway (but at a safe social distance).

Imagine if everyone stepped outside on the same day, with a shared goal to take care of our shared waterways. We can already see it.  A community of people, with shopping bags or buckets and gloves, ready to keep Lake Superior free from litter!


Saturday, September 26, 2020


Near your favorite waterway, be it Lake Superior or a neighborhood creek OR around your neighborhood and nearby storm drain (the Twin Ports is really just a giant watershed with everything leading to the lake)!

How to participate

  • Sign Up 
  • Grab a five-gallon bucket or old grocery bag to reuse (or another bag available to you).
  • Put on your gloves or grab your litter grabber.
  • Pick up whatever litter you see for at least 30 minutes.
  • Get picky! Look for little pieces of plastic and cigarette butts.
  • Wave to your neighbors!
  • Take pictures of your amazing work.
  • Dispose of the collected waste in your personal trash containers.
  • Wash your hands!
  • Share your impact by tagging @TwinPortsCoastalCleanup + # TwinPortsCoastalCleanup online.
  • Be entered to win great prizes by submitting your clean-up results through the Twin Ports Coastal Clean-Up Litter Report. 

Important Note: Please be safe for yourself and others. If you’re with other people or in a public space, follow safe, social distancing practices: work 6 feet away from another person unless they are a member of your household. Read this article from John Hopkins about the coronavirus lifespan on surfaces for more information.


It feels good to do good, to take care of each other and our community – especially during times of widespread uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic has restricted many of our usual volunteer opportunities – many of our usual neighborhood cleanups have been postponed until it is safe for groups to work again. But this hasn’t dampened our volunteer spirit and desire to help others and the environment.

The 2020 Virtual Twin Ports Coastal Cleanup is part of a global project called The International Coastal Cleanup. Since the Cleanup began in 1986, nearly 12 million people – all volunteers – from more than 90 countries and 55 US states and territories have taken hands-on action to clean shores around the planet. The Cleanup’s effectiveness continues long after the last bag of trash is hauled away and the tired volunteers go home. Many cleanups plant the seeds for local recycling campaigns, public education programs, adopt-a-beach programs, and even stormwater system overhaul and legislative reform.


Check back here for updates about the prizes that will be given away as part of the Virtual Twin Ports Coastal Clean-Up!

5 - $100 gift cards | Whole Foods Co-Op
5 - $20 gift cards | Canal Park Brewery
2 - $20 gift cards | Anchor Bar in Superior
1 - $25 gift card | Thirsty Pagan
24-inch Tessellate Planter and Pitch Birdhouse | Loll Designs
Free ice cream cone | Dairy Queen (Superior, Cloquet, Hermantown)

Staying Safe

In addition to wearing gloves and practicing social distancing, all participants are asked to follow these safety guidelines during their clean-up efforts: 

  1. Be extremely mindful of water conditions. If along a creek or stream, use caution.  Follow all safety alerts related to Red Flag conditions along Lake Superior.
  2. When on or near a roadway, whenever possible face the on-coming traffic. Do not cross in front of traffic. Stay alert.
  3. Avoid movements that will distract passing drivers or other volunteers.
  4. Do not wear headsets which could prevent you from hearing others or distracting you from other hazards.
  5. Look all around you! Most trash gets blown around and ends up in rock and crevices or under trees and shrubs. 
  6. Do not attempt to retrieve items that may risk injury.
  7. Don’t over exert yourself. 
  8. Do not empty liquid out of closed bottles. Throw away bottles with liquid inside.
  9. If you find hypodermic needles, please bring a plastic bottle to the needle, then place it in the bottle and seal. Keep this separate from your trash. If you need us to pick up a needle or if you are not comfortable picking up hypodermic needles, please call the Needle Hotline at 218-730-4001.
  10. Don’t pick up any of the following items. You can report items and location in the Twin Ports Coastal Clean-Up Litter Report.
    1. Medical waste
    2. Hazardous wastes including motor oil, gasoline, batteries
    3. Chemical containers or plastic bottles that smell or appear to contain noxious materials
    4. Dead animals
    5. Sharp items (broken glass may be swept up with a broom/pan or picked up with a litter grabber)
    6. Unusual, unidentifiable items
    7. Appliances, televisions, furniture, or other large items that cannot be bagged

Share Your Impact

  1. Post pictures online of how many bags you clean up and tag @TwinPortsCoastalCleanup + # TwinPortsCoastalCleanup.
  2. Share your impact and report your volunteer hours through the Twin Ports Coastal Clean-Up Litter Report

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