1st Street Study

The City of Duluth conducted a study of 1st Street from Mesaba Avenue to 24th Avenue E. This street through Downtown and the East Hillside is a two-way street in some sections, and a one-way street in other sections. The directional changes lead to driver confusion and safety issues – for people in vehicles and people walking – along the corridor.

This study included:

  • Understanding uses and needs along the corridor.
  • Documenting street width, parking, turning movements, and other pertinent information.
  • Developing traffic forecasts to determine how a two-way street will function, and what changes would be needed for a two-way street.
  • Identifying cross-section alternatives for the street, and a conceptual layout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting Materials

There were two Open Houses in June and July of 2019 (Public Comments):

  • For the section from Mesaba Ave to 6th Ave E – Thursday, June 27, 4:30-6:00 pm in Room 303, City Hall, 411 W 1st
  • For the section from 6th Ave E to 24th Ave E – Thursday, July 25, 5:00 – 6:30 pm at Grant Recreation Center, 901 E 11th St

There was one Open House in October of 2019 (Public Comments):

  • For the whole corridor from Mesaba Ave to 24th Ave E - Thursday, October 3, 5:00-6:30pm in Room 330, City Hall, 411 W 1st 

There were two virtual webinars in May of 2020 (Public Comments)


Alliant prepared a final report for the study.

Downtown Loading Zone Working Draft

If you would like to review and provide input on these drafts, please send comments to Mark Bauer at by no later than March 13, 2020

Planning & Development

Kris Liljeblad



Taryn Erickson