US Climate Mayors

US Climate Mayors is a network of mayors from 362 American cities who have committed to uphold the greenhouse gas reduction goals of the Paris Accords. Mayor Emily Larson joined this group in June 2017, indicating that Duluth is pursuing action to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through goal setting, and development of a GHG inventory and a climate action plan.

Bloomberg Philanthropies, “America’s Pledge On Climate Change”

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson joined America’s Pledge on Climate Change in June 2017. This is another initiative organized in the wake of the White House’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords. This initiative aims to facilitate coordination between leaders in both private and public sectors by organizing events to showcase different efforts, working to quantify the effect of such efforts, and helping to organize options for reducing emissions and achieving the goals of the Paris Accords.

Great Lakes Climate Adaptation Network

The Great Lakes Climate Adaption Network was formed in 2015 as a way to ease cooperation between local government staff in the Great Lakes region, including cities in Canada as well as the US, on addressing the challenges presented by our changing climate in this region. This network focuses on consistent updates from involved communities in order to ease collaboration, and on the development of relationships with non-governmental organizations to work together towards a more resilient future.