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Retaliation against an employee for exercising or attempting to exercise any rights available to them under the Sick and Safe Time Ordinance is strictly prohibited. Retaliation is any act that would dissuade an employee’s reasonable use of sick and safe time. Significant changes in job classification, duties or hours, formal disciplinary action such as documented warnings or suspension, the accumulation of points under an attendance point system, or employment termination may be considered retaliatory. Enforcement to protect the rights of employees will be pursued in these types of cases.


The Duluth City Clerk’s Office investigates violations of the city’s Earned Sick and Safe Time law. However, if you believe that you have been the victim of a violation of other labor or employment laws, another organization or agency may be able to help.


Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

The Labor Standards unit of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry protects workers by enforcing state laws about labor/employment relations, minimum wage and overtime, child labor, prevailing wage, parental leave and employee rights regarding termination of employment and wages due. It provides outreach and education to employees, employers, industry associations and community-based organizations.

To contact the Labor Standards Unit, call 651-284-5070 or 800-342-5354 (toll free), or email

The Office of Minnesota Attorney General

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office receives complaints from citizens on a large variety of matters including minimum wage violations, wage theft, unfair wage deductions, whistleblower discrimination, employment discrimination, and a wide range of other charges. To learn more about common employment issues and where to go for help, visit

Duluth Office of Human Rights

The Duluth Office of Human Rights was established by ordinance in 2001 to enforce city and state human rights laws and to make sure City services are accessible to all people without discrimination. The Human Rights Officer will accept and process complaints of discrimination occurring in Duluth as well as refer complaints of discrimination to the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, EEO, HUD, or Department of Justice as appropriate. The city’s human rights officer works with the Duluth Human Rights Commission to promote appreciation of diversity and elimination of bias and hate within Duluth. To learn more or to file a complaint, visit

City of Duluth Jurisdictional Boundaries

The Earned Sick and Safe Time Law applies to employees that spend more than 50% of their annual working time within the city limits of Duluth.

To determine whether your place of work is within the city limits of Duluth you can use the Saint Louis County Land Explorer at


To ask a question or request an ESST training, please email or call 218-730-5251

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