Bridge to Wellness

Physical Fitness



There are several opportunities to engage in physical fitness, whether that’s out our front door, at home or at a gym, it’s all good! Below are some different opportunities to move:  

  • FITNESS THURSDAYS (Crunch and Lunch)  - in Room 330 of City Hall. Classes are approximately one hour beginning at noon. All levels are welcome. These will be strength/body weight and resistance band classes. Please email Angel at with any questions you may have about the class.
  • FITNESS REIMBURSEMENTS AND GYM "DEALS" -  A reminder to those of you who are eligible for fitness reimbursements who are in the AFSCME/Basic Union group and CDSA Union group:

Proof of payment AND proof of visits are due to Angel Hohenstein on a quarterly basis, this next due date is Apr 10th . Please be sure to include your name, department and contact information in case there are questions. Proof can be submitted via email, inter-mail, dropped off, etc. Please contact Angel with any questions at . Other union groups have fitness reimbursements as well, if you are unsure, please contact Angel to find out more. 

There are a few gyms in the area that have offered City employees a way to join without their join fee or a reduced rate.  The following are discounts that apply to you as a City employee (regardless of your bargaining unit): 

  1. The Duluth YMCA will waive their join fee for any City employee during quarterly trial periods. Otherwise, employees will pay $15 enrollment fee.  Employees must show their employee id or paystub as verification when registering for a membership.
  2. Anytime Fitness will waive their enrollment and key fob fee for any City employee, but employee must sign up for 12-months.
  3. 9Round Fitness is offering 50% OFF a one-time registration (normally $199 will only be $99 for any City employee). This is a special opportunity that will be available for all those new to 9Round. 

STRETCHING RESOURCES - City of Duluth Stretching posters (for office, field and sitting in a truck)