ADA Accessibility

Important updates on City Hall building entrances, parking and accessibility routes:

  • Effective 5/12 – Parking Services has designated 3 additional temporary ADA handicap parking spots near the Federal building in Priley Circle. These will be in place for six to eight weeks. If you are parking in ADA parking spots in Priley Circle, please use the ramp located between the Federal building and St. Louis County Courthouse and follow the route straight to City Hall. See map for details.  Wayfinding signage has been placed around City Hall and outside project zone directing folks to ADA parking as of Monday morning.


  • Effective 5/17 – We have created 3 TEMPORARY ADA parking stalls in the area next to the Fourth Avenue City Hall building entrance. These stalls will be in place for the next six to eight weeks until the Second Street parking lot is open. The Fourth Avenue City Hall building entrance will be open for individuals in need of accessible parking. Please do not park in this area unless you have a handicap parking permit.


Please plan ahead when making a trip to City Hall during this project—you may have delays in locating appropriate parking and making your way into the building. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you during these temporary changes. 


City Hall ADA Map