Solid Waste Reduction

For every short ton of paper we recycle, we save seven thousand gallons of water.  It also saves trees, electricity, landfill space, and oil. 

City Operations Energy Action Plan has Goals & Target Dates for WASTE Reduction
- Reduce waste generated from City operations by 10% by December 31, 2014.
- Increase reuse of materials or recycling of materials by 20% by December 31, 2013.

Actions already taken and new actions in progress:

Reduce waste generation
The Finance Department implemented paperless payroll statements in 2011.

Purchase recycled products 
Index Clip Image002The City purchases paper and other recycled plastic content products and reclaimed rubber such as tire chips for playgrounds. Recycled content carpet is installed in City-owned buildings and the carpet tiles can be recycled.

City Parks & Recreation placed solar powered, off-grid trash compactors with recycling containers along Lakewalk in 2011. The Solar powered, off-grid trash compactors with recycling containers are located along Duluth Lakewalk. Visitors using the Lakewalk can recycle cans, bottles, newspapers and other office papers. 

Facilities Management and Duluth Main Library have partnered to recycle plastics that are not collected in single stream recycling. Packaging materials, plastic bags and plastic film are kept out of the waste stream. Air Park Services program picks up the bags and film for recycling into composite decking material.

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