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Gary-New Duluth Small Area Plan and Health Impact Assessment Documents.
Gary-New Duluth Small Area Plan Document
Gary-New Duluth Health Impact Assessment


The Comprehensive Plan, adopted in June of 2006, recognized that there were areas of the City where uncertainty about market conditions, ownership patterns or infrastructural capacity was particularly high, and that those areas would require additional study to guide possible modifications to the future land use map. One of the areas identified as future study area designated on the Land Use Map is Commonwealth Avenue (Gary-New Duluth) area. Study areas are more likely to need site specific decisions on preferred form, design themes, and resolving transitions between the study area and adjacent land use areas and between existing land uses and the preferred land uses. The Gary/New Duluth neighborhood is situated adjacent to a landfill and the US Steel Plant Duluth Works site, a federal Superfund site. Neighborhood and community concerns are based on past pollution as well as the redevelopment of other adjacent industrial property.

Study Area

The study area includes the Gary/New Duluth neighborhoods, with the northern study border being Becks Road, to the south Highway 23, to the west by the Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Training Center and Veit/Vonco Landfill, and the east by the Spirit Lake Transfer Railyard Company. 

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HIA Recommendations


This plan has a Plan Committee of 13 members and includes a City Councilor, City Planning Commission member, School Principal, 6 residents, 3 local business representative and 1 MIC staff member.

Health Impact Assessment

The City is working in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health to complete a health impact assessment (HIA) on the Gary/New Duluth Small Area Plan. The HIA will assess the potential health impacts of goals and policies identified in the Small Area Plan. The HIA provides an opportunity to address the issues residents are concerned about and improve the health of residents in the community.

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