Zoning Regulations

The Unified Development Chapter (UDC) is the official body of rules and regulations to guide land use and development in the City of Duluth. It contains the city's zoning and subdivision regulations.

--UDC Text Revisions, Effective July 11, 2013

Unified Development Chapter, All Articles (sections 50-1 to 50-41)

Article 1: General Provisions (sections 50-1 to 50-12)   

Article 2: Zone Districts (sections 50-13 to 50-18) Includes information on zone district minimim requirements (such as lot area and frontage), flood plains and flood hazard management, shoreland, stormwater, and overlay districts (natural resources, historic, airport, skyline, and higher education).

Article 3: Permitted Uses (sections 50-19 to 50-20)  Includes information on the use table to determine where land uses are allowed, and use specific standards.

Article 4: Development Standards (sections 50-21 to 50-34)  Includes information on form districts, parking, landscaping, screening, signs, sustainability, design standards, lighting, and plat design.

Article 5: Administration & Procedures (sections 50-35 to 50-39)   Includes information on review and approval process, and nonconformities.

Article 6: Definitions (sections 50-40 to 50-41)   

--UDC Amending Ordinances:

Adaptive Reuse Amending Ordinance

Heritage Preservation Amending Ordinance

Form District Amending Ordinance (Effective April 20, 2014)

Flood Hazard Mitigation Amending Ordinance (Effective April 20, 2014)

RP/MUP, Higher Education, Use Table, Signage, and Non Conformities Amending Ordinance (Effective April 20, 2014)

Permitted Use Table Amending Ordinance (Effective June 29, 2014)

Subdivision Standards Amending Ordinance (Effective July 16, 2014)

R-1 Standards Amending Ordinance (Effective January 3, 2015)

Sign Code (Effective January 3, 2015)

Concurrent Use Permits (Effective January 3, 2015)

Parking Standards (Effective January 3, 2015)

Stormwater (Effective January 3, 2015)

--UDC Interpretations

The following are technical interpreations to the zoning code.  While it is the intent of the administration to submit a technical correction to the City Council consistent with this interpretation, the code can only be amended by City Council action. This interpretation is not intended to be a promise or guarantee that the proposed amendment will be enacted. 

UDC Interpretation 14-01 Electronic Message Signs in Form Districts

UDC Interpretation 14-02 Scope of Repaired or Reconstructed for Nonconforming Buildings

UDC Interpretation 14-03 Awnings, Lighting and Roof

UDC Interpretation 14-04 Awnings, Signage

UDC Interpretation 14-05 Awnings, Replacing Fabric

UDC Interpretation 14-06 Automobile Repair as a Home Based Business

UDC Interpretation 14-07 Medical Use for Solitary Professionals

UDC Interpretation 14-08 Required Street Improvements

UDC Interpretation 14-09 Buildings on Corner Lots

UDC Interpretation 14-10 Primary Use Parking Lots

--Regulating and District Plans

Regulating plans are required for any development in R-P and MU-P zone districts.

Bluestone Regulating Plan With 7 Amendments (April 2015)

Coffee Creek Regulating Plan

Ramsey Village Regulating Plan

Spirit Cove Plan

Rockridge Plan

District plans are encouraged for developments in the Mixed Use Instituional zone distrct.

St Luke's District Plan, Jan 2013

--Airport Ordinance

Click here for a link to the 1988 Duluth International Airport Zoning OrdinanceAirport Maps



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