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Parks & Recreation

Parks Fund Grants

The City of Duluth has partnered with the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation to provide funding for neighborhood-based parks enhancements and recreation services on Duluth's parks, recreation and trails system.

The Parks and Recreation Division has been a proud partner with over 50 community organizations over the past six years supporting positive impacts through the Duluth Parks Grant Fund. We are at the juncture where we need to reinvest these funds to maximize on internal capacities to better serve our diverse and widespread constituency.    

Over the years, our division has seen disparities in parks maintenance and a growing list of deferred projects which have reached critical stages. In order to better maintain and fulfill our stewardship responsibilities across the city, we are going to phase out the Duluth Parks Fund grants after this fall grant cycle.  

This grant round will reduce the amount of awards given to a total of $15,000. The maximum amount a grant applicant can receive is now $3,000.

The increasing needs are not reflected in our stagnant Parks budget. The Parks and Recreation division is going to reallocate these funds to focus on community assets such as aging playground infrastructures, failing pedestrian bridges, implement an asset management plan and support the Park Ranger program.

These areas of focus ensure that our funds and services are stretched equitably across the city for the benefit of all community members.  

Letters of intent will be accepted until Monday, September 24th. Grant applications will be accepted until Monday, October 8th.

In order to receive funding, a project must:

  • Take place entirely or primarily on existing recognized units of Duluth's parks, recreation and trails system
  • Support the mission of Duluth's Parks and Recreation Division to fulfill the essential recreational, educational, cultural, and environmental needs that create a dynamic community

To be eligible to apply for funding, an organization must:

  • Be classified as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or have another 501(c)(3) willing to serve as a fiscal agent for the project, and
  • Be primarily located in or provide services to residents within the City of Duluth

Priority will be given to projects that support one or more of the following key elements of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan:

  • Improve the quality of existing parks;
  • Expand the use of City parks and recreation areas;
  • Focus on connecting the community through trails and bikeways;
  • Have fewer, but higher quality recreation buildings;
  • Enhance stewardship of natural resources;
  • Expand partnerships with schools for community recreation and gathering; and 
  • Increase use and recognition of volunteers and volunteer groups
Grant awards are not intended to provide permanent support for any purpose. Organizations must have the financial potential to sustain a program after funding by the Community Parks and Recreation Program end. Organizations may only receive funding for the same project twice.The community parks and recreation program guidelines can be found here.

How to Apply

All interested applicants must submit a letter of intent at least two weeks prior to application deadline. Application deadline is October 8th. 

To Apply, please access the Community Foundation online application. You can review the application process, see a step-by-step guide for using the online application, and access the portal by following this link.

If you have any questions, please contact the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation’s Office of Community Philanthropy or by phone at 218-726-0232. 


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All interested applicants must submit a letter of intent at
least two weeks prior to application deadline. Please submit your letter of intent by Monday, September 24th. 
Application deadlines are Monday, October 8th.


The Community Parks and Recreation Program Guidelines can be found here.


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