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From 60th Avenue East to Bayfront Festival Park this 7.3 mile pathway named the Duluth Lakewalk traces the shore of Lake Superior, fronting the Duluth downtown area. Along the way you can take in the beauty of Lake Superior and the fascinating lure of a working port with foreign and domestic vessels sailing nearby. At the western end are the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center complex (including the Duluth 10 movie theaters), the Great Lakes Aquarium and the Bayfront Festival Park, where hot tunes sound out on cool summer nights. In-between are the Canal Park entertainment district, the icon Aerial Lift Bridge, and sculptures representing Duluth and its sister cities in Sweden, Russia and Japan. As you continue east you will pass the Northland Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Memorials, Leif Erickson Park and the Rose Garden with 2000 rose bushes of some 99 varieties and numerous trees, shrubs and other flowers.

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Rules of Etiquette

The Duluth Lakewalk is a three mile paradise for strolling, sightseeing and more. To enhance everyone’s enjoyment and safety of this multi-use park, all Lakewalk users are asked to please be courteous of others and keep in mind these helpful rules of etiquette.

• Use safe speed and watch out for others. The Lakewalk is intended for leisure paces.

• Stay to the right on pathway.

• Bicyclists, non motorized mechanical vehicles, and in-line skaters use the blacktop areas and pedestrians use the boardwalk. No bicycles, in-line skates or other non-motorized mechanical vehicles on the boardwalk.

• Bicyclists, non motorized mechanical vehicles, and in-line skaters shall maintain a safe speed depending on the number of others users, the condition of the trail surface and the weather.

• On the sections of the Lakewalk where there is only blacktop, pedestrians have the right away.

• Bicyclists and skaters shall use verbal signals such as, “On your left” when approaching and passing others from behind.

• Keep pets on leash no longer than 6 feet and clean up any pet droppings. The City of Duluth provides “mutt mitts” all along the Lakewalk for ease of disposal. This is strictly enforced.

• Please don’t litter. Trash containers are located along the pathway.

• Public restrooms are located at the corner of the lake, just west of the large mural wall and at the Rose Garden parking lot.


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