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Licenses & Permits

Electrical Permit

INITIAL CONTACT:  Building Safety Division, 210 City Hall, 411 W. 1st St., Duluth  MN  55802.

FORM:  Application for Electrical Permit.

FEE:  Fee depends on the total value of the electrical work to be done.  Fees are assessed on this valuation according to a schedule.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:  (218) 730-5240.


I.   Those desiring to install or alter in some way electrical networks existing on a premise.

II.   In conjunction with building permits as a requirement thereof.

III.  Generally are issued to contractors licensed by the State of Minnesota. May be issued to the owner of an "owner-occupied, single-family dwelling," who need not be licensed, only if that owner currently resides or intends to reside in the dwelling.

PROCEDURE:  Applications with permit fees are submitted with plans and specifications if required by the building official, to the building safety division of the fire department. The building official requires an inspection to be made of all installations and/or alterations and, when appropriate, issues a certificate of approval for such work.

Chelsea Helmer
City Clerk
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802



City of Duluth, 411 West First Street, Duluth, Minnesota 55802
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