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Licenses & Permits

Building and Housing Codes Appeal

The Building Appeal Board shall have jurisdiction to perform the following functions:

I.    To hear appeals from decisions made by the building official and interpreting the State Building Code, the appropriateness of alternate methods of construction or use of alternate materials.

II.   To appeal decisions of the building official relative to the Duluth Housing Code, Chapter 29A of the City Code.

III.  To hear appeals from decisions of the fire chief which arise under Chapter 21 of the Duluth City Code.

INITIAL CONTACT:  Building Safety Division, 210 City Hall, 411 W. 1st St., Duluth MN 55802.

APPLICATION FORM:  Building Appeal Variance Form.

FEE:  See Fee Schedule.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:  (218) 730-5300.

PROCEDURE:  Written notice of an appeal is served upon the building official within 15 days of an adverse decision.  The notice shall contain a statement of the matter or controversy and relief requested.  The appeal is forwarded to the Building Appeal Board, which conducts a hearing and issues a ruling.

Wendy Rannenberg
Supervisor Construction Services
City Hall, Room 210
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 730-5300



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