Davis-Bacon / Prevailing Wage

The city of Duluth enacted its first Davis-Bacon ordinance (referred to as the city's mini Davis-Bacon) on October 1, 1973 with five revisions between 1979 and 2003. The basis for this ordinance is simple and pure:

To ensure a consistent, fair "living" wage to be bid upon and paid to all persons employed on the project site
with regular time and overtime hours identified as well as fringe benefits paid to appropriate plans or directly
to the workers.

The city of Duluth's ordinance also ensures that:

  1. Bidders will submit their bids based on established hourly rates/fringe benefits as set forth in the project's specifications. In this manner, no prospective contractor may underbid his/her estimate by paying inappropriate wages for the community.
  2. The community, itself, will benefit as workers will be paid a wage that is representative of this community-not a lower rate at the whim on a contractor.
  3. By incorporating the Copeland Act, kickbacks of employees for the privilege of working on the project site will be eliminated and they will not compromise themselves for the contractor's benefit.
  4. Certified payroll reports are legally binding to the individual signing the accompanying State of Compliance form. Falsification may lead to debarment. This provides another lever to maintain the integrity of the contractors.


Resources & Links

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