City Clerk

Metal Dealer (Precious Metal) License

INITIAL CONTACT:  City Clerk, 330 City Hall, 411 W. 1st St., Duluth  MN  55802.

APPLICATION FORM:  License Application.

FEE:  See Fee Schedule.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:  (218) 730-5500.

ISSUED TO:  Persons (except banks and corporations) engaging in the business of buying second-hand precious metal (gold, silver, platinum) pieces.

PROCEDURE:  Applications and fees are submitted to the City Clerk along with a bond in the sum of $2,000.  Records must be kept as prescribed by city ordinance and are subject to inspection at all times by the Chief of Police.

Jeff Cox
City Clerk/City Council Secretary
City Hall, Room 330
411 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802



City of Duluth, 411 West First Street, Duluth, Minnesota 55802
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