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Amendments to Legislative Code

The following City Charter and/or Legislative Code sections have been amended, added or repealed after Municipal Code Corporation (Municode) last published the City Code on the Internet.  The Charter/Code is updated online around March and September of each year.

  • The sections below will be incorporated into the next update of the Charter/Code by Municipal Code Corporation (Municode).
  • This list is being provided for informational purposes only.
Section Subject
§ 41-23.1
Authorizes best value purchasing in certain cases.
§ 43-9
Sprinkling credit.
City Charter
§ 36
Removes provision relating to random selection for entry level employees.
§ 50-19.8
Permitted use table amendments.
Chap. 45,
Art. XII
Repeals the street lighting system utility on December 31, 2019.
§§ 27-5,
27-6, 27-7
& 27-8
Peddlers and canvassers.
§§ 50-35,
50-37.1 &
Subdivision standards.
Chap. 45,
Creates the street system maintenance utility.
§ 29A-32
Excludes owner-occupied rental units from posted notice requirements.
§ 42A-44
Allocates 1/2 of 1% of food and beverage tax and 1/2 of 1% of hotel-motel tax proceeds for West Duluth.
§ 33-259
Emergency wrecker service charges to be set by resolution.
§§ 8-41 &
On sale intoxicating liquor licenses.
§ 8-48
Spirit Mountain Recreation Area Authority intoxicating liquor license.
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